Fisher-Price Thomas and Friends Tough Trike


- Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
- Tough enough for years of fun with all the features you look for in a first trike
- Great Thomas and Friends styling
- Kid friendly features: a wide, stable wheel base, easy-grip handlebars and big foot pedals
- Kids can ride smoothly with its comfort-ride seat, also lifts to reveal a secret storage compartment
- Durable tires with rugged treads for "off-road" fun

Customer Reviews

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Too big for a toddler

Should've listened to the other reviewers. You would think this bike is for a 2 year old.. But it's way too long & my 36" tall 2 year old son can't reach the pedals! My 42" tall 4 year old daughter barely does but prefers her bicycle over it. Not sure what age they are trying to target?

Over Rated Junk - Avoid

First off, it says ages 2-5 on the box - this is way too big for a 2 year old. Also, the rear axle is too wide - the wheels wobble, and yes, it was assembled correctly. The stickers don't want to stay stuck, and the seat doesn't go down all the way - maybe 95% of the way, which will lead to pinching. The parts that get screwed in do not go in flush, and it looks like they found some spare parts from another plastic toy and re-used them for this thing.Avoid this and find something else.

Tough to steer...

We bought this and the toddler really likes it even though he can't reach the pedals. Unfortunately the trike have an issue steering, it's really difficult to turn. I have removed and reinstalled it but it did not help.Luckily we received the same trike in the Harley Davidson design as a gift, that one turn easily with no issues.

Cheap piece of garbage

My son LOVES this bike despite the fact that he’s an exceptionally large two year old who cannot reach the pedals. I knew that based on other reviews, oh well. Unfortunately the axle on this thing is so poorly designed its wheels fall off. The wheels are held on with these tiny little caps with metal tabs that you hammer on. Once the metal is bent and it still pops off, that’s it; it’s broken and isn’t possible to repair without replacing the parts.My last complaint would be the stickers faded in a few days in the sun. I wasn’t planning on putting the stickers on at all, but my five year old put a few on.

Thomas the Train-Easy to Assemble Until...

This product is very easy to assemble until the back wheel keeps falling off. You must hold all 3 wheels very still so the back axle can adjust properly. If not held still or if 1 wheel turns, it'll seem like the back axle is too short to apply the cap (it's same black cap that's already on the one end of the axle; the cap is located inside the parts bag). The problem is the cap is too small to go onto the axle. If it's not applied, the wheel falls off. Since my Gorrilla Glue dried out, I neatly folded a piece of papertowel, wrapped it around the axle and super glued it onto the end then applied the wheel cap and voila! That work! Keep in mind, the yellow wheel cap is hiding the papertowel so no one will see it. This is definitely a 5 star product. However, the rear axle end cap doesn't fit properly (even when hammering). This is causing one to return it or needing to come up with ideas on how to keep the wheel on. I wanted to attach a picture, but it's not giving me that option.

Many hours of fun!!!!

I bought this for my 3 years old newphew and he loved it!!! It’s sturdy and runs smoothly. He gets hours of fun time in this just biking around the house.However, I did not receive the decorative stickers :( but I contacted Amazon who was nice enough to give me an option of either exchanging the product or a little discount.Needless to say, my nephew couldn’t part with it so we ended taking the discount instead. He didn’t notice the missing stickers anyways as it had no impact on his fun time!

Cheap price - cheap quality

This bike is shaped a little weird. I thought it would be small enough for my 3 year old but she cannot reach the peddles. The seat is not designed well. It is made to have a little compartment in it but all it does is fall off - leaving the compartment exposed and not allowing my child to sit down. Don't get your hopes up to high - it is a cheap items so as always, you get what you pay for.

Not the correct theme

My 2 1/2 year old has been very excited about bikes. We went online, I let him look and choose from the different varieties of this tricycle. He chose the Thomas one. Instead we received the Harley one. He was too excited to receive it to send it back. In the end, it’s still functional. Wide base, sturdy. I live on a farm in the country so I needed something able to handle being ridden in the dirt. Right now he can just reach the petals, but he is large for his age. An average 2.5 yr old would not. He’s more interested in scooting it anyway. Easy to assemble although awkward at times. I had it together in about 15 mins. We will see how long it lasts.